Why should you absolutely begin to double cleanse?

Double Cleansing Pestle & Mortar

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is simply to wash your face twice in order to remove all impurities your skin accumulated throughout the day (makeup, pollution, etc.).
The first step, called the oily phase, consists of applying a greasy product on your face, such as a balm or an oil, to remove makeup, sweat, SPF, sunscreen, dead skin cells, etc.
As the skin is gently massaged for a few seconds, impurities will get stuck in the oil while keeping the hydrolipidic film intact.

After the product is rinsed away with tepid water, your skin is now ready to welcome the second step of the cleansing, called the aqueous phase, which consists of applying a cleansing gel, milk or foam to unclog pores. We strongly insist on the importance to choose a product that doesn’t contain alcohol or aggressive substances which could damage the natural protection of the skin that acts like a shield towards external aggressions.
We also advise to opt for products that can be directly be applied with your fingers to avoid using pollutants cotton pads that can also be irritating for sensitive skins and the eye area with the repetitive movement of the application.

Why double cleansing is a prerequisite for a beautiful skin?

  1. Because it’s the only one to be that efficient. If you put makeup on or live in a city or put a SPF on (which is highly recommended by the way), a simple cleanse with micellar water or a wipe is not enough to remove all impurities from your pores. Do the test at home: after having removed your makeup have a cotton pad run on your skin. We are pretty sure you’ll still see some foundation on it.
  2. When your skin is free from impurities, it regenerates better at night and fights the signs of ageing
  3. Your skin tone is more even and glowing
  4. Your skin is ready to receive the rest of your skin care routine and will better absorb any product that you will use after

Our must-haves for a double cleansing that will respect the balance of your skin

For the oily phase
Erase cleansing balm from Pestle & Mortar

For the aqueous phase
– The cleansing foam from Naobay
– The Equilibria cleansing milk from Naobay
– The Renew cleansing gel from Pestle

Our absolute crush for a double cleansing the right way: the double cleansing kit from Pestle & Mortar containing Erase, the oily balm and Renew, the cleansing gel as well as a cotton flannel to help you remove the product after application.

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