Lipstick: matte or glossy?

Before, we didn’t even think about it, but since the mattes have invaded the market, more criteria are to be taken into account when choosing your lipstick.

For the matte, there are two golden rules:

1. It should be avoided for thin lips. As a matter of fact, the absence of reflection hardens the face and the thinness of the lips, so if you don’t have full lips, you should rather choose a glossy lipstick which is going to bring volume to your lips.

2. Respect in the matte universe that it is not suitable for dry lips or mouths with little wrinkles around it because it emphasizes the tiniest roughness or crease as per its earthy texture.

Hereunder a cheat sheet to avoid any faux pas.

Glossy Matte
Pros – Brightens the skin tone
– Give volume to the lips
– Suitable for dry lips as it often contains moisturizers
– Suitable for all lips’shades
– Long lasting
– Higly pigmented
Cons – Sticky
– Fades away
– Not suitable for thin lips
– To avoid when dry lips or wrinkles around the mouth