Otto Johannes Müller created Mühle in Germany in 1945 after the war. Everything was hand-crafted and made in his small kitchen at first, then, the company grew and began to export to Greece, Russia and Arab countries. In 1963, goods were being exported in 36 countries and, after the death of Otto, his son Hans took over the management of the company. The brand experienced ups and downs depending on the vagaries of the economy, but still prospered. In 2006, a new classic-modern packaging was developed and the areas for series production, logistics and administration doubled. The company started to be innovative in the models of razors and brushes and even invented a totally vegan version of hair for shaving brushes called Silvertip Fibre, which is now renowned international for its high quality (some say it’s better than the highest quality of badger hair). Mühle has now extended its expertise to exquisite barber shops where you can get stylish shaves and haircuts.

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