The concept of Taobé - online cosmetic products in Belgium

The concept

Exclusive products

Welcome to Taobé, the place where you can finally find trendy cosmetic brands from across the globe. There are so many wonderful products on the planet’s market but they only reach our country through long, complicated and expensive routes. Now it’s over: you can at last get the best beauty products from around the world at home!

We are also constantly expanding. So if you are searching for that wonderful face cream you found on vacation but can’t buy here, write to us.

Compliant & high-quality products

The European Union has the strictest consumer protection standards in the world when it comes to cosmetics. Brands from other countries are subject to legal requirements. Yet European legislation offers the greatest consumer protections. To give you an idea of the considerable differences that exist, the EU Regulation on cosmetic products forbids the use of more than a thousand ingredients in cosmetic compositions while in the United States, the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act only bans about ten!

So, it’s okay to treat yourself to exotic cosmetic products, but not at any price!

Before we buy new products, our experts check their composition, the official documents testifying that they are EU compliant and a proof of their registration in Europe. It’s only after their validation that we buy them. This guarantees that every product you will find on this webshop complies with European laws.

Easy custom searches

How do you navigate your way around this multitude of products, where each one is more innovative than the next?

We often buy to try new things or because we’ve heard good things about a brand, but do we always buy the products which will do us the most good? We’re not sure about that. That’s why we decided to create a simple tool to help you choose the skincare products that will perfectly suit your needs or the make-up that will best highlight your features.